Monday, July 8, 2013


Chronic fatigue is a complex medical problem, which requires management with a multi-layer approach. A single modality of management may be less effective or not effective at all.

Chronic fatigue has multiple different causes and it needs to be addressed at multiple angles one step at a time.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

A few important causes of chronic fatigue are sleep problems, infection, digestive dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, anxiety or depression, and/or medication side effects to name a few.

In a patient more than one cause may be present but all needs to be addressed otherwise, the improvement of the fatigue is not seen.

Improvement in sleep is the key for improvement in the digestion, so there is gradual restoration of the energy.

Because of that, integrative methods by use of current medical science for correct medical diagnosis, Ayurveda, lifestyle changes, Yoga or Pranayama (breathing exercise of Yoga) may help.

A single approach is less helpful and using an integrative approach for chronic fatigue is helpful. This helps gradual improvement of the fatigue and restoration of energy at the mental and physical level over a period of time.

Expect a very slow recovery as most cases take months.

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